Our People

In 2016, Orphans Kitchen co-owner and chef Tom Hishon met German baker Patrick Welzenbach during a late night stint baking bread at a neighbouring bakery. The pair got on well and Patrick joked to Tom that if he ever wanted to open a bakery, to give him a call. 


A year later, Tom called up Patrick. The pair, along with Orphans Kitchen co-founder Josh Helm, opened up Daily Bread on January 8, 2018 in the Auckland suburb of Point Chevalier.

Six months after opening, Daily Bread opened a small pick-up shop on the other side of town on Parnell’s Faraday Street, and at the insistence of some loyal customers, launched an online order & delivery service in the summer of 2019. 

Patrick, Tom and Josh envisioned a bakery guided by time-honoured techniques while focussing on nutrition and exploring new flavour profiles.

From day one, Daily Bread set out to pursue high standards in bread baking. The whys and hows of our process and ethos are part of an ongoing conversation we have with those who buy bread from us. 

Work with DB ^ we’re looking for talented bakers, team managers and lively front of house people to help us grow Daily Bread and spread our love of taste through craft.  Email if you are interested in working with us.